From the "Far North"

Originally from the Far North, for many generations Finovens have been the Rolls Royce of fuel efficiency and heat control compared with the traditional woodburners known to us. Finovens are heat-accumulating woodburners able to create a large separation/delay between wood burning and heat output.

The heat from a relatively short wood fire is efficiently stored in the stone mass, releasing an even radiant heat to the walls over several days. For instance, at night one may enjoy the view of playful flames through the glass door, while the heater walls are still glowing from the wood fire that was started the day before.

They produce a large amount of radiant heat, which gives the feeling inside the home as coming from a soft, warm blanket. Draught and smoke development, as often happens with open fires, are a definitely a thing of the past. For that reason alone, the Finoven is a welcome alternative.


Main heating / Climate-neutral home

It is the ideal heater for low-energy homes. Using only one or two trailer loads of firewood a year, these heaters can be made CO2-free for heating purposes. Therefore, newly built homes can quickly and easily obtain a very low EPC (Energy Performance Coefficient) using only one or two trailer loads of firewood.
Read The furnace page to check whether a Finoven or Tigchel heater can also be used as the main source for heating in your home.