The furnace

The furnace is the heart of the Tigchel heater and the Finoven. Over the years, the particular shape of the combustion area has developed to become an optimal system able to sustain high temperatures. Also because of dozens of small air nozzles, the wood is entirely used up for generating heat with only a small amount of ash remaining.

The benefits of this furnace include:

  • All the wood is used for heating
  • Low flue gas emissions
  • Economical in the use of fuel
  • A relatively small amount of combustion air is required
  • Low maintenance
  • Long life
Click on the illustration of the furnace below to see the result of effective wood combustion.
The air nozzles, and how they work in the furnace.
Main heating / Climate-neutral home.

Whether or not the Finoven or Tigchel heater can be used as the main source of heating depends on the home as well as the entire home insulation*). After all, the heat output is always restrained and only in an insulated home (by North European standards) a Finoven or Tigchel heater can be used as the main source of heating. It is the ideal central heater in modern, energy-efficient homes.. Such homes can become entirely climate-neutral for heating as they will use only a small amount of firewood. Light the fire only a few times a week to maintain a comfortable basic temperature in this kind of homes during the winter months. Thanks to the small amount of firewood used, the EPC value for new homes will be very low.
Only bone-dry firewood is to be used in Finovens and Tigchel heaters. The many advantages of using firewood from your own region are self-evident. The undeniably better family atmosphere comes as a free bonus.
In summer, the effect of the Finoven is also surprisingly unique. That is because the stone mass works in reverse by absorbing heat, causing a pleasantly cooler temperature.

)* The expectations of heat output are often (too) high. Many believe that such large woodburners release much heat and are particularly meant for large spaces. WRONG. On the contrary, a heat-accumulating woodburner gives a very tempered heat, a kind of friendly, modest heat, evenly released all day long.