The Finoven as DIY kit

You can also design and build your own brick Finoven. Tigchelaar Tile Heaters supplies the furnace as a stackable kit in various sizes, including the construction drawings and clear operating instructions. The fire door (also in various models), ashpan door, cleaning hatch, etc. are also included. You can choose your own bricks and mortar for the surround, or buy these from your local supplier, if so required. The construction may take several days, depending on the size of the Finoven. Tigchelaar Tile Heaters will give you professional advice for both the construction and the (initial) heating procedure.



The Finoven comes in various furnace models. These are shown in the illustration below. The dark-grey surround can be designed according to your personal preference. (see the photo series of Finovens for possible alternatives)
fin bouw-1
The heart of this Finoven - the furnace - has been put in place.
Zelfbouw strakke Finoven.
finbouw 2
Building the warm bench.
Build a very-great Finoven.