Technical Information

Below are more technical data about the - also DIY - Tigchel heaters. For more information, read the chapter "Burning Questions" or ... make an appointment at our show room or with one of our dealers.

The Tigchel heater is a free-standing, smaller version of the Finoven.
It is fully made up of prefab elements, the so-called "tichels" (hence its name). The tichels are made of high-quality fireproof concrete and link up perfectly and simply, like Lego blocks. It means you can take the heater with you if you move house, and makes it most suitable for do-it-yourselvers. The Tigchel heater is available in the standard colour

Mouse-grey and 13 other attractive colours, as well as in four different heights and capacities.Produced without all the bells and whistles, but chockablock with effective ingenuity, it is a truly tangible, honest and basic product!
Through its measured simplicity in shape and colour diversity, it will also fit in just about every interior. And with ever increasing fuel prices, the

Tigchel heater is also a real low-cost heater that will give you comfortable heat year after year. See also:

Available with straight or rounded fire door.
As well as the choice in colours, the Tigchel heater also comes in four different sizes.
The following diagram gives you a lead in deciding on the right Tigchel heater in your situation.